• Jugovic Stefan
  • Visual Design, Artwork & IT Solutions


Primarily a visual designer with more than 15 years of professional experience in the quite wide field of what visual art is & can be:

  • Vector Illustration
  • Visual Artwork
  • World Class of Prints & Printed Material
  • Hand-Drawn & Painted Artwork
  • Sticker & Infographics
  • Architecture & Architectural Visual Arrangements
  • Exterior Design & Engineering
  • Interrior Design & Engineering
  • 3D Object Creation Services
  • Photography & Image Production
  • Visual Artwork for Advertising
  • Billboards, Street Art & Graphiti, Banners…
  • Website Design & Web Design Visuals
  • Referenced Graphic Art & Graphic Designs
  • Graphic Design Expertise


Certified web design expertise referenced in more than 90 online projects & across several freelancing networks & in Various online projects:

  • Website Design
  • Certified Expertise in Web Design
  • UI Design & UI Artwork
  • Logo Design & Vector Visuals
  • Banner & Infographic, Illustrated Art
  • Vector Art & Illustration
  • Corporate Visual Styling & Branding
  • Creative Content Creation
  • Content Visuals & Artwork
  • SEO & SERP, Your first place on Google.com
  • Digital Advertising & Online Influencing
  • Creative Digital Marketing & Artwork Creation
  • PHP Programming & CMS Solutions
  • Web Applicative Software Design
  • Internet Application Design


Real-life applicable Commercial IT Solutions & IT Tools for both Private Businesses & Governmental Agencies referenced across the EU; Involved with various IT projects:

  • Custom Coded Business Solutions
  • Custom Coded Large-Scale or Large Data Projects
  • Internet & Intranet Solutions
  • Both Workstation & Server oriented IT Solutions
  • Server Solutions & WEB Hosting
  • Various IT Security Solutions
  • Video Streaming, Video Recording & Cameras
  • IT Solutions for Personal & Commercial Security
  • IT Security System Solutions
  • Defensive IT Security Solutions
  • Large-scale IT Project Development
  • IT Solutions for Architecture & Civil Engineering
  • IT Project Development for Governmental Agencies
  • IT Systems for Protection of both Individuals and Collectives or their Assets

Associated with: European Design Bureau ● Berlin Design Studio ● Institut für den Mittelstand

Involved with: Visual Design ● Vector Art ● Illustrative Works ● Printing & Printed Marketing Production ● Certified Expertize in Web Design ● Design, Development & Maintenance of Commercial, Personal & Governmental Websites ● Digital Marketing, Market Influencing & (Business Market) Growth Hacking ● Search Engine Optimisation & Website Ranking (SERP) ● Organic Content Production, Creative Writing ● Online Solutions & Internet Oriented Programming ● Custom Coded Business Solutions ● Commercial IT Solutions for Web (Internet & Intranet) or Workstations (Desktops) ● Web Applicative Software (Web Apps Development) ● Open-source Enthusiast & Contributor


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Proactive development encouraging clients to take an active role in the design process. An initial meeting is a good introduction for us to get to know each another’s business, service and/or products. The primary focus of this meeting is to establish the scope of work you will be commissioning for your required materials. We take the time to listen to our clients needs to obtain specific goals for the materials being developed and identifying ideas, visions, culture, etc. that will make your materials unique to your products and services. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to see the design solutions we have completed for past clients, and get to know the complete range of services which my agency offers, and successes we have had working with other client projects.

Since we want to get off on the right foot for the initial design concept, it is important that we specifically evaluate all your ideas, and gather as much information as possible. We will also begin to provide you a list of the information we will require from your business: unique photography, descriptive text, etc. We take all of the information and ideas gathered during our kick-off meeting and set out to do our job of creating a unique, compelling, and effective design solution for your company’s service or product that specifically targets your consumer groups. We do this by applying what we know about your design needs and objectives with in-depth industry research and brainstorming to create preliminary sketches, and finally, computer rendered designs.

At this stage, we will be in agreement that the goals of the design objective are being met. We will continue with “Design Construction” stage. Based on your feedback we further modify, refine or expand (if necessary) the initial designs to meet your objectives. We will begin to incorporate all content into the design process. At this time we will communicate back and forth regarding any additional text and/or visual requirements. We regard you and your business as a valued customer who’s on-going marketing material needs are important to us. The completion of your initial project is seen as the beginning of our relationship. We want to serve you as an arm of your organization. Consider us the marketing/graphic design department of your business as we intimately know your business and understand the goals of your marketing plan.

If necessary, we work with several, high quality, vendors involved in the digital and printing industries to coordinate the reproduction and/or distribution of your completed materials. Our list of approved vendors includes: offset printers, digital printers, mail management companies, illustrators, photographers, e-mail marketing, web hosting firms and various other vendors each project may require. This is the stage where a design vision becomes a completed tangible product. We will either launch your website files to your web hosting service or provide any print materials development projects to the printing service or to the client in digital format on Disk.


European Design Bureau

European design is the very broad term, but it usually refers to design schools, methods and design theories used and invented or set in the regions of central Europe, Western and Eastern Europe. In some cultural sense, this term is often used in the fashion industry, mainly as a term to describe established designers from European countries, and established European design & Fashion houses. I am the owner & the executive board member of the European Design Bureau.

Berlin Design Studio

Berlin Design Studio Brand was created at 2016 within the European Design Bureau, as a case study project which was exploring Germany and especially Berlin as a potentially beneficial location for the formation of a custom, first-class, premium-only, designers network & design studio, which would offer some really exclusive & high-style design & artwork, completely focusing on the expensive & the highest-quality design, art, architecture & produced material.


Born on 12th of June in (SFRJ) Yugoslavia (town of Krusevac). Lived in Athens, Belgrade, Berlin, Zagreb and Split. He is a father of two. His father is a PhD (Applied Arts – Restoration) operating as Graphic Designer that, back in the day, provided Graphic Design services locally; currently still runs a small Printing & Print Design production studio in Athens, Greece. Mother was a journalist that has studied the World Literature, collected books, drawn stencils & enjoyed dancing ballet. Her younger sister & her were directly involved with fathers printed marketing, branding, trademark, logo & slogan creation services. Grew up surrounded by paintings, stickers, various forms and types of promo material, design magazines, computer arts magazines & design books & other artworks. Grandfather (neatly, regionally nicknamed Hitler) was a government official and a responsible person for taking him to the local Musical School which he attended; a place where his vocal abilities & musical talents were recognized, getting him representing his state at the European Youth Music Festival in Vienna. He plays the piano. He attended a high-school for Civil Engineering giving him some insights in the Building Design & Architecture, Urban Planning, Interior & Exterior Design, learning and mastering Auto & ArchiCAD & hand drawn technical drawings. His involvement with Digital, Computer Arts & Design started a while ago with Photoshop 5.0 which his further employment as Printed Marketing Designer for a local printmaker shaped fully. His obsession with vector drawings started with various experiments in Macromedia Freehand and afterwards Flash 8.0 that his first commercially successful assignment/employment, as the creator/designer/developer of the website for his High-school, and his personal Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, InDesign, Acrobat (Post-script), QuarkXpress and other experiences fully cemented.

Visual Designer & Awarded Illustrator

The most commonly referenced area of my work usually fits under the field of Visual Design or generally speaking under the wide-fields of Visual Communication & Marketing Design; Crafting visually inspiring or balanced (corporate) visuals & designs or styled material that is following or implementing some deeper visual logic or symbolic. My visual artwork is often quit trying to follow balance and in some form is actually balanced & sensical and therefore quite applicable for what we could declare as mainstream. I am fully able to Illustrate and to create any (Vector or Bitmap) drawing or any other type of a visual design (as of any given sort); I am able to create any type of Interface, or any other type of Visual Communication: Website, Web App, Mobile App or a Banner, or any form of Print Design; And I am able to do all that from scratch & in-front of others. My carrier started almost 13 years ago, back in time when the Flash-Dreamviewer animated websites were a huge HIT; And I fell into the hype animating vectors; And liked it because of the creative freedom which pretty much any type of vector graphics by default allows, it`s scalability, and for that time and age (and still nowadays) actually small memory footprint (optimized even for dial-up connections). As I always loved to draw stuff and to illustrate and create and play with visuals, over time I eventually master my hand movements & precision; Which pushed me forward in the direction of Illustrating & illustrations and as the time progressed, so did my skills, tech, software and screens. But my affinity towards Vector Illustration remained the same. Over time, I crafted various illustrations and for various applications, selling them to many different local businesses across all industries but always sold the same services, servicing creation of various forms of visual communication for businesses & their easier communication with their business markets; I feel that I am good at production of these, cross-industry & cross-business applicable (and psychologically well thought through) visuals & Illustrations that I like to call scalable symbols, since all these diverse businesses markets & industries for some reason actually recognize & react to. Probably I am somewhat, quite client oriented and yes maybe that’s how I ended up on this (mainstream) side of the spectrum; Anyway, after all these years of experience I think I`m currently able to articulate and express the emotion and style we either agreed on fully, or create & expand your style the one which feels like a sort of “visually” logical next step or development to your already existing corporate style (a proper refresh or expansion).

Website Developer & Web Apps Developer

I started being involved with web-oriented programming languages in 2006. starting with HTML & PHP. Familiar with mainly PHP and (it`s evil twin) Hacking, Ruby, Perl, Python and generally speaking with WEB ORIENTED programming languages. I am useful in the wide-area of Website Production & Content Publishing, Optimization, Marketing & Market Influencing…  I am a good code inspector but I am not really a good Coder as my orientation was always Visual Design, Marketing & Advertising, Content & Visual Content Creation, Content Writing & Optimization, Content Marketing, Illustrations & Visual Designs & Template or Interface Creation. I have a personal network of online freelance developers and I have strong Project Management & Organization skills and more than a lot of Outsourcing Experience. On the other hand, I do have a very strong HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX & a few RUBY insights. All mentioned were quite sufficient for freelancing longer than 2 years as a front-end web developer; After I used all of the existing open-source projects, and started altering them, successfully adding functionalities I tried and wrote in PHP small personally owned Content Management Framework after which I freelanced for a while as a back-end Web Developer, though back-end is not area of shining, but I still do get the job done, though. During the last 6 years, I created a lot of different websites for a wide variety of different companies (operating in a quite diverse array of business areas & industries). And for most of these, I either made SUCCESSFUL WEBSITES or DIGITAL PUBLISHING or MARKETING PLATFORM which is actually getting their share of the market, really, really well. I also made a lot of different WEB APPS & IT TOOLS for various applications & use (Online Project Management Systems, Website Back-ends, Web Desks & Back-ends for Employees, CRM, CMF and other solutions, primarily aimed at SMEs.Full-time Open-source enthusiast and contributory to more than several Open-source projects; WordPress & Buddypress (with which I have more than extensive experience with, with both modification & total altering or whatever you can think of), MEMHT (Back in a Day), Drupal, Joomla, Opencart (though I`ll don`t seem to understand Daniel), Prestashop, Magento & various other systems that are either less popular or with different application (such as Online Accounting or GUH). A real-life contributor to various Linux distributions & various BSDs, creating all sorts of visual interface designs & icons. Gnome contributor.

All of what I`m creating, ILLUSTRATING and generally a lot of what I have created and DESIGNED usually fits under a wide-range of VISUALS, LOGOS, INTERFACE DESIGNS & GRAPHIC DESIGNS I`ve been creating are usually clean or “pure” VECTOR GRAPHICS or simply VECTORS; Therefore whatever is produced is always SCALABLE & SUPPORTED & MADE FOR EASY EXPORTING; Single click XHTML/CSS export ensures easy conversion of all, say Interface Designs, to any Content Management System Interface or a Template (WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc) DESIGN or as any other type of the DIGITAL INTERFACE for any system. Fitting perfectly any size and printed as an Billboard or Printed Large Scale Advertising Material or scaled to be your mobile App Icon; and MUCH FURTHER by ANIMATING & ANIMATION & Creation of forms that have some good INTERACTIVITY; Taking any LOGO or any GRAPHIC or an entire ILLUSTRATION & INFOGRAPHIC FOR YOUR COMPANY & making it fully animated; so it`s probably a Video Clip for your slider, further on a full-time ANIMATION or an ANIMATED MOVIE or animated VIDEO PRESENTATION; delivered usually in HD. Creative VIDEO ADVERTISING production. I`m just declaring of some of the possibilities.



You can always contact me by sending me an email.

  • s@stefanjugovic.com

  • s@institut-mittelstand.com
  • s@astrometaphysics.com
  • s@astrofunction.com
  • s@berlindesignstudio.com
  • s@europeandesignbureau.com